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MISSION HipStory is a digital media production company responsible for creating unique, innovative, and inspiring art. We are redefining the future history of media by creating products that cultivate stories through professional audio & video production/engineering. We are dedicated to fostering a creative environment where clients can explore their vision and receive quality service. Who We Are A collective of artists & media production professionals dedicated to centering marginalized identities in media through music and film. We create art through music and film production, audio and video services, and event curation. The foundation of our mission exists because systems of oppression have historically erased, changed, and appropriated the culture of people of color. Media has become the catalyst for both oppressive and activist movements, our footprint in the world will be of action and intentional placement of marginalized identities, stories, and bodies in media through music and film.

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IG & TW: @thehipstory

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We are a network and program designed to help minority creative business get to market and thrive.

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